25 thoughts on “DAMMIT MURDERERS | Prison Architect | Alpha 31 | Part 14

  1. UteLube

    Its frustrating for us to Mathas! we tell you every day and you dont
    listen! Click on the intelligence tab 9th from the left, it will tell you
    their reputation, if you need more CI’s click on a cell mate in solitary
    and under his experience tab it will tell you if you can recruit him.
    For sniches an ex cops you can either make a new tiny little prison for
    them to live in and change the deployment to protective only, or change the
    schedule so snitches and other inmates dont do the same things at the same

  2. Dragoon-BB

    it’s almost as if high security prisoners are more likely to start fights
    are something.. …. :P

  3. DredWolf

    yes, you need a protective custody block..that keeps him away from the
    people trying to kill him…the block should also have it’s own yard,
    common room and possibly it’s own canteen too, then you’ll have to mark the
    area so that only protected prisoners can go there..

  4. Terrell Green

    You might also be able to make your protective custody guys their own
    schedules so they arent in the same place as your other prisoners at the
    same time which would mean less chance for them to get killed

  5. PoragonPlays

    Mathas, an answer to your questions!

    In the schedule menu, you can set separate schedules for the different
    types of prisoners, including the protective custody peeps.

    This allows you to do something like put protective custody people in
    lock-up/sleep time during the day while everyone is about, then have their
    shower/eating time while everyone else is asleep, effectively keeping them
    from the population!

  6. ryan wheelock

    Hey mathas ever notice that as soon as you click the shakedown button they
    riot and kill people. Also they get really angry. Not just the snitches. 

  7. Josh Milton

    To find cis and ex cops click on the magnifying glass and on the last one
    it shows you 

  8. samimermer1982

    Protective custody wing + max security wing. Make those and designate them
    as such. They need their own showers/canteens/visitation. This way you
    don’t mix the psychos with normal prisoners. Also snitches and ex-cops will
    be safe.

    Also if you put prisoners in solitude some are willing to become
    informants. Then you can use them to find hidden things like where the
    drugs come from or even tunnels.

    In the overview of how many prisoners there are you can hover over their
    bodies to see their quirks or perks. This way you don’t have to search your
    prison for every one of them. And when a new batch comes in just mouse over
    them so you don’t f up and have check every one of them again.

  9. Logan Schrader

    Mathas for the love of god click Intelligence > Confidential Informants.
    This will tell you all of the reputation you know of.

  10. REDs Undead World Entertainment

    Make a whole new section for Protective Custody and Max Security Prisonors,
    with their own Cells, showers, Canteen, & Kitchen. That way you don’t have
    to have separate regimes.

  11. pabilbadoespecial

    You need to use your informants, some will tell you who is murdering
    target, so you can place him under protective custody.

  12. Zerontanthalas Drake

    Purely friendly objective advice: Make two small mini-prisons within your
    compound. One very small for your Protective Custody inmates. Talking like
    8-10 cells, showers, small common room, their own yard etc. Completely
    segregated. Same with Max Security+ It will take some modding but you can
    take your existing layout and do this. Also in the logistics tab is where
    you can zone areas out. Max for Max PC for PC and Medium for Medium and all
    that jazz. Staff only as well. If you make sure to not mix the different
    securities it will be much smoother sailing. Hope you find this helpful.

  13. rafael lima

    Dont put high security with low and med sec the high will kill or have
    fights with the med and low xD

  14. Pokecheerie

    At our prison (I don’t know if this is for other people) we have small
    apartments for Prisoners about to get released, to get back into normal
    life, they’re able to make their own food and see other friends being
    released, slightly treated normal again.

  15. Alex Petrov

    TAB. Click the prisoner and click character/ personality. I can’t remember
    sorry I’m stressing out right now, cause of reasons. Just click on a
    prisoner then the second tab. That will tell you who they are. Some
    characters have nothing.

  16. Yollom

    this prison is so bad but i adore it, keep trudging though.

  17. Alex Petrov

    Also you can punish people permanently. If there are any people who are
    causing a lot of trouble. Lock them up or put them in solitary forever.

  18. nick shaw

    You have to make a new cell block and cafeteria, shower and assign it to
    protective custody. You can check under counta band (where you see your
    informants and pause it and it will show everyone’s trait 

  19. Heath Disher-williams

    make ur own protictive custody cell block and regime

  20. BlueHazard

    For any kind of prisoner type you can assign special areas for them to use
    exclusively. You can also make a special regime for any kind of prisoner.
    so you can build a facility especially for protective custody but you can
    also have them avoid large groups of prisoners in a small spot(which
    favours fights) by locking the endangered ones up while the others shower
    and have them shower while the others have got yard time for example. Also
    the special prisoners properties that you know of are shown in the
    intelligence screen, so no need for hovering over every single one of them.
    Also your second canteen seems not to work. Maybe you have to have a look
    at the logistics screen too. In any case, it’s most informative to watch
    the dev’s alpha release vids for getting to know those mechanics. Phew…
    Good luck :)

  21. ThePartyGamersNL

    yo Mathas, i have a few tips for you:
    1. make a door between the power/water generator room and the storage room,
    so that the workers don’t have to walk around.
    2. you should definately make a separate block for “bad guys :P”. that will
    reduce the fights. make a kitchen/canteen and showers and that kind of
    stuff near the separate block so that they dont have to walk all the way to
    the others. you can “zone” the block in the tab ‘deployment’.

  22. Paul Bannister

    Throw down trash bins in every room, it’ll help your guards get rid of

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