25 thoughts on “Date with an Architect

  1. Bun T

    I’m glad I can put smiles on people’s faces! ^____^ glad I survived
    architorture school 

  2. carlitochico1

    “So what do you do for fun?” -“Sometimes I sleep.” LOOOOOOL, YES.

  3. MrSudirising

    beam was unable to match the girder (6:42)!! 😀 what an analogy!

  4. hausenko x

    “I’m in a very committed relationship with space, but don’t worry, it’s
    open” hahaha yesss

  5. raul centeno

    LMAO he said some times i sleep that was funny

  6. TheLittleMissmoi

    As a 1st year architecture student my nightmare is that i’d only get along
    with architects from now on !! 

  7. Yahabebe Brown

    Omg thats me busy looking at the horrible layout and not listening to a
    word you say 

  8. Rampan Keen

    i think that’s how i’m too……………..pretty interesting. i love
    it………being an architect…..i love it……….it’s not just a career
    it’s a calling too

  9. this is me

    yah… i was waiting to hear that word…. space….. :v and obviously why
    u wanted to be an architect ….. ?

  10. Ziebert Pestano

    “Im scared when i see the sunrise…” lol so true!

  11. kira lighto

    i think that you are a freak before you decide to study architecture

  12. Andraž Kramberger

    looks like a bad porno… without the sex

  13. MrSatanochio

    It’s an exaggeration, it’s full of cliches and some people might get it
    wrong, but, yeah, we’re pretty much fucking insane. 

  14. Ren gayo

    I am just Glad my girlfriend is an Office Administration Major, Lol. 

  15. Akvaryum Dünyası

    4:57 sometimes i sleep. thats the drama of my life :( 

  16. Loay K

    Not all Architects are of this kind… True Architects must have some
    craziness …. or may be ( Totally Crazy )….

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