25 thoughts on “I am an Architect, Part 3 – Do the Architect

  1. Анастасия Борчева

    I am an Architect, Part 3 – Do the Architect
    забацали опять про жизнь))

  2. Avindren Mudaly

    I am an #Architect, Part 3 – Do the Architect
    Can You do the Architect?

  3. Tsvetelin Tsochev

    I tried to do the architect… no job after Uni due to the market crash.
    Now I’m doing the SAP Developer.
    Main difference is you spam f5, in stead of tab.

  4. Hossam Zayed

    damn i thought we architects from third world countries are the only
    architects who have to stay awake for long working hours due to lack of
    organized work time systems, and the hazardous time schedules with too many
    clients and dead lines at the same time.

  5. Hanelore D

    After no sleep for 48 hours this is probably the funniest thing I can
    watch! Thank you for distracting me long enough to cut off half my thumb!

  6. Adriana Olivares

    The funniest way to see all the stuff every architect must have dealed
    with, in any part of his/ her professional life 😀 thank you guys… made
    me laugh so bad 😀 !

  7. jerker söderlind

    who the xxx have published this? confirms only the (mis????)conception of
    architects as self centered male brutes. with no humor. and only men. has
    to be produced by someone hating architects. and it might be a reason for
    this hatred, sorry to say. 

  8. Bruna Brandenburger

    Amazing and hilarious videos! We want part 4 :)

  9. david bonilla bravo

    using a wood straight edge to cut with a xacto? that was a noob move
    btw, great video 

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