25 thoughts on “Prison Architect – Alpha 31! [Ep 2: CELLBLOCK A]

  1. joey lehman

    Quil I stay up to 2:00 am every night just to watch this

    And battle my fear of failing my upcoming finals

  2. Håkan Sundberg

    irc server, really!?… wow I had almost forgot about that particular way
    of communication ^^ got to be 10 years or something since I knowingly used
    one of those. 

  3. Brenden Y

    i have a question; If you build a parole room, will prisoners be less
    inclined to do something that would jeopardize their chances of getting

  4. Jeremiah Bromell

    I need more of this series!!! It is so good!!

  5. GhostGru1302

    I want a combination of Escapist and Prison Architect

  6. cheezy bacon

    Ohhhh, yes, ‘chunklets’, such a perfect word :3

  7. Fiscalvids

    Is it a coincidence your cells looks remarkably similar to your dwarfs
    fortress rooms? :p

  8. Orko

    Quill you need a garbage bin for contraband to be put in.Or it is on the
    ground until someone comes and pick’s it up. That can be your cleaner or a
    prisoner. I think the sheers where picked up again by a prisoner in the
    beginning. (7:09 watch it disappear)

  9. ResandOuies

    Man, low security is hard time in your prison. Must get up at 2am

  10. lollipoptastic35

    If you put a stone or concrete path in between your building your staff and
    prisoners will be able to get places faster. Also I recommend jail doors on
    everything as they can break normal doors really fast if there is a riot
    and you are unable to lock them. You can always lock open the jail doors
    which is what I always do on rooms like the showers and common room.

  11. Didrik Viklund

    Was going to bed and then hear my handle! Cool! Sad I missed this stream. 

  12. Fitzhugh Bethea

    How do you use the shadowy bricks to map things out?

  13. UmbreonGaming

    Man Quill, was about to finally sleep after I finished my video, decided to
    check my sub feed for fun, and saw this. It’s 3:15. Worth it.

  14. MrColbster94

    So your chat was discussing how itself was actually an irc server, thats
    amazing considering every livestream chat I’ve ever seen generally is too
    busy trying to either grab the streamer’s attention with horrible jokes and
    or going to war with each other.

  15. Барабанов Кирилл

    Since tunneling always starts from the toilet, that large pipe
    configuration is not the most prudent.

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